Elephant Protection

Over 150,000 elephants have been killed and mutilated for their ivory over the last five years. Tanzania has been particularly heavily hit, losing over 66,000 elephants in the last decade.

When PAMS Foundation started the Ruvuma Elephant Project (REP) in Tanzania in 2011, it was evident that conventional approaches were not going to be the answer. Despite significant donor funded projects having provided substantial funding and equipment leading up to that time, the poaching situation was way out of control and it appeared impossible to stop. Around the period there was an average of more than one elephant carcass recorded per day.

An intelligence-led, multi-agency strategy was adopted and within a few months’ impressive results were being achieved and the rate of poaching decreased. This trend continued and further improved until today.  Where PAMS Foundation has supported elephant protection, illegal killing has declined markedly. During 2016 there were two elephant carcasses recorded for the entire year compared with several hundred in 2012. Thanks to the sterling efforts of the Government and Community based anti-poaching units that PAMS has financed, supported and equipped in various ways, Tanzania’s national decline in elephants has slowed by an estimated minimum of two thirds since 2015, compared with the annual averages of the preceding six years.


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