Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

In recent years the impact of the illegal wildlife trade has reached unprecedented levels. Estimated to be worth over $10billion annually, the trade is linked to global criminal gangs and terrorist groups, representing a threat to the very existence of many species including rhinos, elephants and pangolins.

The solution to addressing this urgent crisis lies in not only reducing the demand in consumer countries, but also in exercising the correct strategy against poaching in source countries. Only defending protected areas from poachers does not work.

In the war against poaching, a well informed and fully integrated multi-agency approach is the most appropriate and effective way to take on those involved in illegal wildlife crimes and expect to be able to win. The PAMS Foundation has achieved unprecedented successes leading to reduced trafficking. The support we provide in Tanzania for illegal wildlife trafficking has been a game changer, leading to many big arrests, stiff prison sentences and a significant reduction in elephant poaching. Through a network of highly committed partners in other countries we are helping to roll out a similar approach.


Detection dogs

Detection dogs are increasingly being used in crime tracking and detection work. These specially trained canines are not only able to locate hidden firearms and cocaine, but can sniff out ivory as well, thereby complementing conservation law enforcement efforts.

A specialized anti-poaching team of trainers and dogs make up the Tanzanian Police Canine Unit, supported by PAMS Foundation.


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