Training & Best Practice

PAMS Foundation supports training activities for all levels of enforcement and strongly believe in including a ‘train the trainers’ element with all training, whereby assistant trainers are identified, developed and mentored. We also promote and support on the job mentorship.

PAMS’ philosophy is about being efficient and maximizing efforts.  In order to improve wildlife protection work, from the community scouts level all the way up to law enforcement officers, intelligence officers and prosecutors, there is an ongoing need for capacity building, training and mentorship.

Community farmers and pastoralists are also trained in how to better protect their crops from elephants and their livestock from predators, and are assisted materially to do so.

PAMS Foundation collaborates with like-minded groups and respected experts in various fields, to develop best practice training material as well as standards and operating procedures.

Training Guidelines for Field Rangers is the first of a series of guidelines to provide a standard for training field rangers:
Single page print version
Double page electronic version


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