To empower the people who protect wildlife and wild places


To enable a world in which people understand the value of nature, have the necessary support to peacefully co-exist with wildlife, and where wildlife and wild places are secure

Founded in Tanzania in 2009 by Krissie Clark, Dr. Ally Namangaya and Wayne Lotter, PAMS Foundation is a conservation non-profit with a mission to empower the people who protect wildlife and wild places. Our vision is to enable a world where people understand the value of nature, are supported and equipped to peacefully co-exist with wildlife, and where wildlife and wild places are secure.

Through trusted partnerships with communities, local and national government, key stakeholders and champions in the various landscapes in which we operate, PAMS uses intelligent approaches to seek flexible solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by wildlife and people living in natural areas.

This includes:

  • combating illegal wildlife and timber trafficking nationally and across borders
  • countering illegal poaching & logging
  • supporting prosecution of environmental crimes
  • training and deploying rangers in the field
  • aiding canine detection teams
  • promoting human wildlife coexistence
  • fostering sustainable livelihoods and inspiring the next generation through environmental education about the value of nature


PAMS explores new and unconventional approaches to find better, more sustainable solutions to all these challenges.

Trusted relationships are at the core of all our work. We see every day how the action moves at the speed of trust.

Our fieldwork is done primarily in Tanzania, where we are registered as an international NGO. 

We are also registered in the USA as a 501 (c)(3) charity, and as a non-profit organisation in Italy.

PAMS Foundation and their team give hope and inspiration to all who care and fight for the wild places on our planet.

George Malolakis

PAMS Foundation is the smartest, boldest, and most effective NGO supporting the  protection of elephants and other wildlife in Tanzania.

Monica Bond
Wildlife Nature Institute

We're together with you PAMS Foundation and we believe together we can win the ivory war.

Kunze Mswanyama

Lean and highly effective, PAMS foundation exemplifies the great impact a small NGO can create.

Chenzhuo Gong

You guys are amazing!! Proud of all the work you do!

Krysten Ericson

You guys ROCK - keep up the great work - for the future generations and for the good of Tanzanian people.

Gilbert Whiteley

PAMS Foundation bring their unique intelligence, integrity and creative thinking into everything they do. They are an exceptional organization and professionals. The result of their vision and hard work in helping turn around the devastating Ivory trade in Tanzania is nothing short of stunning. This is why they are critical to the success of our project.

Skipper Darlington
Founder & Executive Director AfricaASAP

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