At PAMS we are proud of our approach to conservation, and pride ourselves on identifying gaps which need filling, as well as being flexible enough to immediately start addressing those gaps.

Our long-standing relationships with the communities – built on trust and respect – mean when issues are found that are hindering the coexistence of people with wildlife and nature, we work together to find a solution. Aiming towards human-wildlife coexistence and a sustainable future, our team lives within the communities we support, sharing their experiences, and are at the forefront of their education and planning. Our excellent relationships with all local and national government and law enforcement agencies also help us to make a real impact in our wildlife trafficking work, where solid results – prosecutions, dismantling cartels – benefit the entire country.

Money given to PAMS goes directly to the field, funding community scouts or investigators, elephant guardians and ranger training, school programs and chili fences.

PAMS Foundation Donation

You can help us!

While we do our best to fundraise, donations from friends and supporters helps us make PAMS Foundation projects a reality. We appreciate your donations and make sure all funds go directly to the various conservation projects we support.

To make a donation, please enter the amount you wish to donate in US dollars in the box below (optionally add a note) and click the Donate Now button, and a box will then pop up for you to enter your billing details.