Our Heroes

Sadly, several of the brave rangers we support have been shockingly and unceremoniously killed in the field while protecting wildlife. These exceptional men and women strongly believed in their mission and in the value of nature. And we believed in them.

Martin Mthembu

died 2 August 2014

Martin trained thousands of field rangers over his 23-year working career in Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola & Swaziland, and in this process has helped inspire rangers and save wildlife.

Martin is one of our few all-time conservation heroes! We at PAMS Foundation have never met a more exceptional and inspirational trainer of rangers in our entire careers. To us, Martin will always be the benchmark. The best of the best! Our legendary star, our rock! His passion, commitment, talent and dependability are legendary. As his last ever Facebook posting said: “Legends never die!” May Martin’s inspiration and teaching live on forever. Forever in our hearts, minds and a motivating force for us all to always give of our best!

Bwana Martin!!!

Rashidi Mwegero

died 27 July 2013

Rashidi Mwegero was a brave Village Game Scout who was horribly hacked to death by a panga, while protecting his fellow rangers.



Mohamed Seifu Kunyuka

died 18 February 2013

Mohamed Kunyuka was a Village Game Scout who sadly died from an asthma attack after having spent a long day in the field following and arresting a group of ivory poachers.

Yassin Kimu

died 28 May 2014

Yassin Kimu was a Rapid Response Ranger and sadly drowned while chasing poachers across a river.

Salumu Zuberi Ngunyani

died 21 May 2015

Salumu Zuberi Ngunyani was a Village Game Scout from Nambecha Village who sadly died in his sleep while out on a patrol mission. The reason for his death is unknown.

Maiko Ngerangera

died 24 August 2017

Maiko Ngerangera was a brave Village Game Scout from Nambecha Village, Mbarang’andu Wildlife Management Area, who sadly died due to illness.

Mohamedi Kasimu Majengo

died 6 September 2017

Mohamedi Kasimu Majengo was a hardworking Village Game Scout from Misyaje Village, Chingoli Wildlife Management Area, who sadly died due to illness.


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