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22 hours ago

“It is time to...look to the very roots of motivation and understand why, in what circumstances and on which occasions, we cherish and protect life.” E.O. Wilson

1 day ago
Scientists say world's protected areas need a re-boot

Protection funding seems to be never enough and new efforts are always being made to find
the right solution to use economic resources in the most efficient way possible: invest as little
as possible to save as much as possible. But what does "as much as possible" mean? Does it
mean ... See more

An international study published today in the journal Science argues that the current international target for the protected area estate, accepted by over 190 nations, is failing. They propose a new measurable target based on the best scientific evidence that they say will galvanize greater and ... See more

2 days ago

A very happy team! PAMS is exploring something new and exciting, and today marked the end of our first trial. We got some tweeking to do, but overall it was a big success. So we very happy. We still have more trials to do before we will share our exciting new 'thing' with the world.

2 days ago
30 Photos of the Rarest Animals on Earth

Let's take a look at what's wonderful about our planet and that, if we're not careful, we
might soon lose. Doesn't it deserve to be done to prevent such beauty from
disappearing from the Earth?

In honor of Endangered Species Day, here's a look at some of the animals holding extinction at bay by the slimmest of threads.

2 days ago
Tanzania: Let's All Say No to Illegal Fishing to Protect Fish Species, Habitats

On Friday, while in Iringa Rural District, President John Magufuli reiterated that the fifth phase government would intensify the war on illegal fishing and protect fish species and habitats.

3 days ago

Tanzania is blessed with beautiful unique features and plenty of natural resources. Poaching,
encroachment anthropogenic activities led to disappearance of most wild species in many
protected areas. PAMS Foundation under Ruvuma Elephant Project play major role to cut
down poaching rate especially ... See more

4 days ago

Interesting and funny similarities between man and wildlife...

5 days ago

Unfortunately field work cant happen with out some time in the office. Ruvuma team in action strategizing a cool new project.

5 days ago

Why protect nature? The question seems easy but in reality it is difficult to answer and requires all of us to think deeply about the meaning that animals, all animals, have in our lives; to understand that they are actors, like us, that their presence requires us to adapt our behaviors. Each of us ... See more

6 days ago
Hong Kong is at the heart of global wildlife trafficking

The geography of illegal wildlife trafficking is widespread and unfortunately leaves almost no place untouched. But some areas in particular seem harbor a particularly dense flow of traffic. In some cases, these are small territories but very active from the point of view of this dark trade...

Between 2013 and 2017, the small Chinese territory seized 43 metric tons of pangolin scales in shipments from abroad.

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