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22 hours ago
Photos from PAMS Foundation's post

Some memories from one of the most anticipated events of the year for PAMS Foundation—the Tembo Cup! It’s always an extraordinary opportunity for communities to come together and have fun while at the same time learning important environmental conservation messages.

1 day ago
Halting biodiversity loss: Political actions are required, not additional scientific knowledge

What are researchers doing to save our planet? The sixth mass extinction continues and is even accelerating, but conservation scientists, it is claimed, have no solutions to offer. Even more worrying, the researchers would be so pessimistic that the warnings they give could be counterproductive. ... See more

Over 15 years, almost 13,000 scientific papers have been published in the leading conservation science journals. Yet biodiversity remains threatened at a global scale. Researchers have now focused on this worrisome paradox by taking a deeper look at this large volume of literature. One of the ... See more

2 days ago
Timeline Photos

Photo from “Helping Brother Rhinoceros” Environmental Education Book

Happy World Rhinoceros Day!

One of the most important aspects of helping to save our worlds Rhino’s is education. By developing children’s books in Swahili and curriculum that teaches children about wildlife and ... See more

3 days ago
Minister, why is the dingo no longer ‘fauna’?

Have you heard about this? The interesting (and sad) case of how the dingo has been delisted as ‘fauna’ in Australia...A look at how we decide to name things at our convenience...

So, a few of us have just submitted a letter contesting the Western Australia Government’s recent decision to delist dingoes as ‘fauna’ (I know — what the hell else could they be?…

5 days ago
Photos from PAMS Foundation's post

On September 14th, students from Magara Secondary School took a trip to Lake Manyara National Park accompanied by some of the PAMS staff. During the trip, students had the opportunity to see a lot of different animals including the famous “tree-climbing lions of Manyara”.
The students were ... See more

6 days ago
Are vulnerable lions eating endangered zebras? New study looks at whether a recovering predator is causing another species to decline

It seems ironic but the conservation equation is a delicate delicate that sometimes a protected species can become a threat to another endangered species ... a great challenge for those involved in conservation:

Are Laikipia's recovering lions turning to endangered Grevy's zebras (Equus grevyi) for their next meal?

1 week ago
Photos from PAMS Foundation's post

We were extremely happy to host Kimberly from the United States who visited some of our conservation education projects. Kimberly learned a lot from the PAMS Education Team about how we run our program, including our student field trips to visit national parks. To us, it’s very important for ... See more

1 week ago
Scores of Dead Elephants Found in Botswana ‘Poaching Frenzy’

There are still many unanswered questions about how and why 87 elephants were killed in Botswana, but one thing is clear—the poaching crisis in Africa is far from over and the elephants need our help.

At least 87 corpses were counted during aerial surveys over the past few months, all with their tusks hacked off.

1 week ago
Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program

(We encourage everybody to take moment to watch this (with sound up) and share this

Dr. Jane has hope that there's a solution to climate change. Alec Baldwin and Dr. Jane Goodall explain how we get back on track. Every individual has the power to impact change, start today by learning from the #YEARSproject #theforgottensolution with the Jane Goodall Institute as they explain how ... See more

1 week ago

Max and Shaziri together with Co-Director Ally - after a good brain storming session

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