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5 hours ago
Ruling on ‘ivory queen,’ co-accused set for next Tuesday

The Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court has set February 19, this year, to make a ruling on an economic sabotage case facing three accused persons including a Chinese national, Yang Feng Glan, 66.

14 hours ago

Want to spend some time with a cute rhino and his friends? Do you want to find out how they spend the day, what games they play, their pastimes, and their problems? Watch the Brother Rhinoceros videobook, a beautiful Wild Nature Institute project realized with the support of the PAMS Foundation. ... See more

20 hours ago
North Luangwa Conservation Project

Congratulations to FZS and all those they work with

2018 was a great year for FZS Zambia's North Luangwa Conservation Programme! For the first time in many years we recorded ZERO POACHED elephants 🐘 inside the Park and over 50% reduction of elephant poaching in the adjoining game management areas, over an area of 22,000sqkm.

Tremendous amount ... See more

1 day ago

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful – an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” -- Ansel Adams

2 days ago
How do elephants sleep? | Public Eye

Big animals like elephants must need lots of sleep. This is the equation we think of when thinking about these great animals, however, scientists say elephants sleep very little, even going without sleep for days. And also, do they sleep standing or lying on the ground? Find out in this new ... See more

According to a Wits study wild African elephants sleep for the shortest time of any mammal.

3 days ago
Photos from PAMS Foundation's post

Shaziri Adam who works with PAMS Foundation’s Ruvuma Elephant Project is not only staff but also a community member in Mchomoro village, one of the villages part of the Mbarang’andu Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Namtumbo district. Shaziri spends most of his time in the field, helping his ... See more

4 days ago
Politics matter: undoing conservation progress in the land of the dodo

A look at the consequences of political choices on the natural world. Are policy choices always in line with conservation needs? Most of the time no, and this is because the apparent needs of some classes of voters are much stronger than those of scientists who illustrate the possible consequences ... See more

Killing an endangered species

5 days ago

Laughing with the rules of nature...


6 days ago
New study sheds light on illegal wildlife trade in Hong Kong: A high volume and lucrative black market business

Hong Kong's illegal wildlife trade is contributing to a global extinction crisis. Every year millions of live animals, plants and their derivatives are illegally trafficked into and through Hong Kong, by transnational companies and organized crime syndicates. A new study enter in the detail ... See more

A study focusing on the type and volume of seizures relating to illegal wildlife trade in Hong Kong over the last five years illustrates the city's central role in global wildlife trafficking and the extent and nature of the associated criminality. It identifies clearly, how future policy and ... See more

1 week ago

“We are seeds as well as parasites to the earth. We can either give or take, depending on our perception of growth.” - Zephyr McIntyre

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