Do you want to support PAMS Foundation with tons of money – but at no cost to you?

You just have to travel, as usual, but by booking all your future hotel stays at Goodwings you support PAMS Foundation with 5% of the price of all your hotel stays—for free. Goodwings is a hotel booking site with a vision of turning the hotel industry into a driving force for positive change. Goodwings works with PAMS Foundation and other NGOs to positively impact people and planet, one hotel stay at a time. Goodwings offers the same 350,000+ hotels as traditional booking sites and at the exact same prices. But instead of spending money on marketing and advertising, Goodwings gives half of the commission to NGOs like PAMS Foundation. So, when a traveler books a hotel stay for $100, PAMS Foundation receives $5. A true win-win.

Make your trip something more, be part of the sustainable development of this planet and help us protect wildlife and wild places…at no extra cost. Book your hotel with Goodwings!

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